Crystal Ingram  is the Big Winner  A nice (Anne Klein Watch) 
 Ok, the family member is Aunt Nellie Bell. Her birthdate was in 1911. The event was the Titanic. She was one year old when It left Southampton England on April 10, 1912. It hit the iceberg on April 12, 1912 and it sank on April 15, 1912. DID I GET IT?!?!?!?!  YOU ARE CORRECT!!!!....WOW.... GREAT  JOB!!!!!!!

Anne Klein 10-9179WTWT (Women's) - New!

 Hello, Family We have a WINNER......Tashia Smith Got it Right!!!! And ...yes Bertha Brandon Callaway...... Mother name is Lue Brandon.......Congratulation Tashia You are the winner of a Round Trip Ticket.. Anywhere in the United States...Call me  for your Ticket........LOve YOu  and Stay Tune  for more Quiz questions..You Just Never No..!!!!!!!


                                                                 BIG WINNER

                                                                 TASHIA SMITH


Hello from Louise and Familly, Can not wait to see you guys at the Brandon Family Affair 2019!!!!!!!! 


Hello, The Brandon  Family .....I have a question for you guys. Can someone give me the total number kids I have..  Take the not copy any one answer.......I have my eyes on you from Heaven

(LOVE) Johnnie Bell Ingram..

1) Hello, Everyone.. can some tell me the total number of Kids I have....